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Classroom Media Support

This site was created as a resource for UW Madison instructors who use the General Assignment Classrooms with Instructional Technology.

Listed to the left are links to pages which contain information related to instructional technology and presentation topics. We hope that the information contained within these pages will help you become a better presenter and, in effect, a better educator.

-On-line Tutorial  for all AV users, this is how to get a passcode

-AV Open House Schedule Pick up keys, test your laptop computer, practice in a classroom, ask questions.

-Check Your Passcode  Our passcode database system requires ALL passcodes to be at least 6 digits long.   The system automatically updated EVERY 4 or 5 digit log-in to 6 digits when it went live in 2014.   PLEASE CHECK YOUR PASSCODE!   If you cannot remember your AV system passcode, or are unsure if you have a passcode, click this link. You will need your UW NetID.

-Wireless Video connection available in select rooms In some rooms you can projector content from your smart phone, tablet or laptop without wires or adapters! You will have to install an app on your device, please read and follow the directions before attempting to use the wireless video connection.

-Lecture Capture available in select rooms Starting July 1 2015, all Lecture Capture videos will be uploaded to Kaltura MediaSpace only. No notification emails will be generated. Visit for more information about Kaltura MediaSpace.

-Digital Laptop video inputs available in select rooms

-Term 1162 General Assignment Classroom list

Sterling Hall collaborative learning spaces

Three Sterling Hall Collaborative Learning Classrooms (CLC) are available for instruction. Each CLC has six teaching and learning pods (large tables with moveable seating).  Click here for more information.

-Laptop Troubleshooting Document for Sterling 2301, 2425, 3425

-Important Information about Sterling 2301, 2425, 3425

Attention Instructors using VHS videotapes.

VHS machines have reached the end of their life-cycle. We are no longer installing VHS players in new classrooms. Existing VHS players will not be replaced when they fail. We recommend that you transfer videotapes to digital video files (MP4s) or DVDs. We strongly advise instructors to convert all VHS tapes used in the classroom.  

Warning about Macs running Windows!
Because of the difference in keyboards, many people are having problems getting an external video signal out of a Mac laptop running Windows.  If you will be using a Mac laptop running Windows, be sure you know how to access the display settings.  This can be very difficult to troubleshoot over the phone and most often requires support staff to be dispatched to the room, which takes up valuable class time.

Warning about computers with digital inputs (HDMI)!

Some new laptop computers do not have a VGA video port, instead they have digital output. Some of our classrooms can accept a computer with digital output. More information can be found  here.  
Please verify that your laptop has the correct ports to work in your scheduled classroom. You may need to provide your own adapter; we do not provide adapters. 
Please contact us with any questions.

This is an Analog video or VGA connection

This is a Digital video or HDMI connection

The rooms included in these web pages are General Assignment Classrooms, meaning  they are managed by the Space Management Office but scheduled by Curricular Services (262-6345). There are many other Instructional Technology classrooms that are departmentally controlled and are not included in these web pages.





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