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Facilities Stewardship For The University of Wisconsin - Madison Campus

The Division of Facilities Planning & Management


Photo of Service Building
Photo of Service Building 1217 University Avenue


Central Chilled Water Fill


...also known as
'the air conditioning'.

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For a Life/Safety emergency, dial 911

For a campus building emergency, dial the Central Answering and Response Service (CARS) at 3-3333 (608-263-3333). If CARS does not answer, dial zero to be transferred to the contracted call center. That center is able to relay critical information quickly.



Since April 2006, annual reductions:

  • Utility Bill         = $13.0 million

  • Energy Units    = 1.2 trillion BTU's

  • Water Usage    = 178,000,000 gallons

  • CO2 Emission    = 125,000 tons

  • Diesel fuel        = 10,000 gallons

  • Trash              = 9 percent