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Fleet home

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Fleet Office Location

Mailing address:
27 North Charter Street
Madison WI 53706

Driving Directions:

Drive to 30 North Mills Street, Madison 53706. Enter the parking lot and proceed straight (West) across the lot until you arrive at the Fleet and Service Garage. Visit the fleet staff inside to inquire about parking. Parking for travelers requires a reservation for parking in addition to a reservation for a vehicle. See the "Parking" link above or at left.

Fiscal Year 2013 Rates

UW Car Fleet rates for Fiscal Year 2013 (July 1 2012 to June 30 2013) are posted in the Rates page (see links at left or above). These rates will take effect early on 05/01/2012 due to fuel costs far exceeding budgeted amounts during Fiscal Year 2012.

DOA Central Fleet Rates Announcement

Effective 01/01/2012, Department of Administration Central Fleet rates will have a per-mile charge and 'free miles' just like the UW Madison Car Fleet, except DOA is offering 50 'free miles' per day. Click here for the new DOA rate sheet.

How to become an authorized driver - see links above (or at left, if you are logged in) for 'Driver Requirements' or 'FAQ'

REPAIRS - 24 Hour Call Center:

In Madison, during business hours dial 262-3555 to reach the UW Garage. Garage staff will assist you in determining where, how, and when repair work will occur. After hours or out of town repairs are managed by a 24 hour call center company called Automotive Resources International (ARI). To reach them, have the vehicle serial number available and dial Car Fleet at either 2-1307 or toll free 888-777-7181. You will be offered a touch tone menu system and pressing zero will direct your call to ARI. ARI will only handle Car Fleet vehicles at this time.

Click here for a tutorial document on Delegation and Creating Reservations

The ability for travelers to delegate to others the right to view and create reservations. Log in and see the Profile tab to create or edit delegation rights. Delegated users (when logged in) will see options in the View Reservations Tab and the New Reservation Tab. Delegates may delete their rights to see other people's information if they wish and travelers can grant or delete delegated rights. Travelers who wish to grant delegation rights must log in at least once to grant the rights to their travel arranger(s). After that the travel arranger can view and create the reservations. For now, delegated travel arrangers must be approved drivers. In a future version, we may expand this capability to non-drivers.

How to Check Availability, Reserve Cars, View History, Report Mileage

The above services and features along with other value-added content are available to anyone with a Net ID after they log in first to the Physical Plant portal and then select the Car Fleet tab. Click the 'Login' link at top right on this page (scroll all the way up...) for more details.